We are a group of local riders looking to promote and advocate mountain bike riding in and around the Priest Lake Area. At this point we are not an official club or organization, but as other riders come into the fold we may become an IMBA chapter club. This site was developed for one reason, to share the thrill and enjoyment of mountain biking

The primary objectives are to connect with other riders so that we can share in the experience and develop a community of riders. There are several goals on the radar, both current and future. While I hope we can achieve a majority of the goals there are no expectations or timelines associated with them. The following is a list of current and future goals:

Connect local riders
Organize and post scheduled rides.
Collect ride and trail information to share with others
Provide riding information to Priest Lake residents and visitors.

Become an official club,
Assist with trail maintenance and improvement.
Organize an annual Gary Fisher “Trips for Kids” or “Sprockids” program for local youths.
Organize an endurance mountain bike race.
Organize other biking events to promote and develop a community of riders.

Please check out the trail page and let us know if there are other trails and/ or rides that should be added to the list.




Nordic Center
Hills Resort
Preist Lake Chamber of Commerce
As The Lake Churns ~ An online Priest Lake Magazine
International Mountain Bicycling Association
Priest Lake Haven


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