Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sundance 7/31

We climbed Sundance last Friday with a fellow rider that contacted us over the website. It was a great ride. The road was in good riding condition due to the rain from last week. Took about 2 hours to climb and 30 minutes to descend. Here are a few pictures from the top.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Binarch Creek Trail

I received this report from a rider this past week about the Binarch Creek trail. Good to hear it is clear (at least before storms this week.) Please feel free to share other reports.

"we rode the binarch creek trail today. the trail has been cleared and is very scenic. we started at the downstream end. it is fairly technical with numerous short/steep climbs and some long sustained climbs. there are several boulder field crossings (first half of trail) that require pushing your bike. the upper half of the trail is the best. if i were to do it again i would start at the upstream end and turn around when i hit the rock fields. we ended up coming down lamb creek to the highway and then down to binarch creek road and then up to the trail head. long ride."

Sundance Tomorrow

If anyone is interested in riding up Sundance tomorrow (7/31), we are meeting at the Inn at Priest Lake @ 7:30am and driving to a departure point at the base.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11 Recap

We put in some miles this week in between the storms. Westside trails are in excellent shape. Rained Monday through Friday. The trails are tacky and firm. Should be good for the next week or so. Take advantage while you can.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fourth of July

Trails are in good shape and actually not as dry as they were around Memorial Day. Three of us will be up at Priest all next week. We will be doing daily rides starting July 3rd - July 10th. We might head up and ride the American Falls trial (#308). Send an e-mail if you want to participate in any of the rides. Will try to post days and times as we determine specifics.

A picture from the top of Glisan Mountain.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Trail Report as of 6/1/09

Spent the last week riding at Priest. The trails are in good condition and drier than usual for this time of year.

Here is a brief update on the trails I rode:

Lakeview #269 - Good condition, dry and clear of down trees. The top section on the lake side had several lose/ chunky rock sections.
Reeder Bay/ Kalispell Bay - Good condition, dry and clear of down trees.
Bulldog #274 - Good condition, dry with a two trees down (I think to prevent four wheel access.)
Woodrat #235 - Decent condition. The trail is clear and dry. Sections of the trail are fairly chewed up from 4 wheelers.
Kalispell Bay Translator Loop - Good condition a few small trees down on the jeep trail descent on the southside of the Lakeview Mtn area.
Glisan Mountain - Rd # 310 - Good condition until about a 1 mile from summit. Snow and mud for the last mile.
Mt Bismarck - Rd #313 - Good condition - Didn't descend the back side to Kalispell Creek Rd. #308.
Lakeshore Trail #294 - Did not ride it but someone who did reported that it was in good condition.

Please feel free to share any other updates.

Happy Riding

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 Website Update

I am hoping to make a few updates to the website this year. Been busy with other activities the last few years. Please post any suggestions you might have regarding expanded content, trail information, group rides and other comments.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Trail Report as of 7/9/07

The storm that hit June 29th left lots of damage. As a way to let people know about the condition of the trails I am putting up this post with the hope that anyone with trail information can provide comments. I rode Lakeview, Reeder Bay/ Kalispell Bay (#365), Woodrat and Bulldog since the storm hit. As of today all those trails are cleared except for the occassional tree.

Thank you to one of the local riders out of Outlet Bay who cleared Woodrat today. Half the trail, on the Outlet side, was a disaster. Great work and many of us will benefit from his hardwork.

I spoke to someone who rode Lakeshore and Upper Priest last week and those trails are clear as well.